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Pump Sealing

Dynapro provides a variety of sealing options to prevent pump leakage and downtime. Our mechanical seals and packing are of the highest quality with very competitive pricing.

Mechanical Seals available for all applications - Save maintenance time and money over the operation life of the pump!

Premium Quality Packing for every application!



Combines a resilient silicone rubber core with the heat resistant Kevlar fiber. The elastic rubber core gives the packing better memory, allowing it to withstand radial shaft motion and vibration while maintaining excellent leakage control with minimal gland adjustments.

Rugged, easy to use and break-in, it is designed for use in abrasive service applications such as slurry pumps, agitators, blenders, mixers, washers or any other applications that undergo shaft deflection in normal operating conditions.

Suitable for water, hydraulic fluids, oils, and most general services.



Expanded Flexible Graphite packing is impregnated with PTFE emulsion as a blocking agent thus creating a durable packing. It is recommended to be used in general pumps where a high quality performance is needed in food industries, pulp and paper mills , mining, etc.

A multi-purposes packing that is compatible with virtually most industrial fluids. It does not deteriorate due to age, and minimizes shaft wear.

Suitable for steam, water, oil, solvents, alkalies, acids and most chemicals.

Can be ordered by the box or cut in sets.

Teflon Packing


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