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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Dynapro Equipment Limited - Global Purchase Terms and Conditions

Dynapro Equipment Limited - Global Purchase Terms and Conditions

  The following terms and conditions must be accepted as an integral part of any overall quotation/agreement/contract with Dynapro Equipment Limited or “Dynapro”


1.        Definitions


  1. “Equipment” means all pumps, operational spare parts, renewal parts or any other material (including tooling) offered by Dynapro under quote or contract of purchase.
  2. “Purchaser” is the entity requesting the equipment and/or services via a Purchase Order.
    1. “Seller” means the Dynapro entity and any wholly owned subsidiary or affiliate companies with the same ownership as Seller, at any location.
    2. “Services” means work, direction of work, technical information or technical consulting/advice or other services furnished by Seller. Such services may also include, but are not limited to; installation, testing, alignment, startup, operation, repair and maintenance of equipment.
    3. “Suppliers” means work, direction of work, technical information or technical consulting and advice or other services furnished by Seller to Purchaser under the contract of purchase and include such activities as the installation, testing, alignment, startup, operation, repair and maintenance of the Equipment.


2.        Quotes  / Acceptance of Terms

  1. The most recent quote issued by Seller shall supersede and replace all previous quotations and agreements.
  2. Any quote issued by Seller shall be valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated. After 30 days, Seller reserves the right to notify Purchaser and without penalty or reserve (a) adjust the quoted price and/or delivery schedule or (b) cancel the quote.
    1. Seller’s quotations rely on the accuracy of Purchaser’s descriptions of operating conditions. If actual conditions prove to be different than those specified in Purchaser’s description and the Equipment or service performance suffers or is not adequate as a result, Purchaser shall be responsible for the cost of all changes in the equipment or service required to accommodate the actual conditions. Alternatively, Seller reserves the right to cancel Purchaser’s order in which case Purchaser shall reimburse Seller for documented costs, expenses incurred and reasonable profit for performance executed prior to the date of cancellation.
    2. When the Seller’s quotation is accepted by Purchaser, all the terms and conditions in this document shall become a part of the contract to purchase. Any conflicting or additional terms contained in any document submitted by Purchaser shall have no effect unless agreed to, in writing, by Seller.
    3. No changes in terms or conditions in any contract or agreement shall be effective without a written Change Order, agreed to and signed by both Seller and Purchaser.
    4. All Purchase Orders are subject to written acceptance by Seller.


3.        Prices / Terms of Payment

  1. Regardless of any delivery date in any contract or Purchase Order, Seller’s quoted prices remain firm for twelve (12) months from the date of the order. For shipments made more than twelve months from the date of the order, the price shall be increased at the time of the shipment by 1.5% for each full month or fraction thereof in excess of twelve months.
  2. All given prices are EXW (per INCOTERMS 2000) Seller’s facility from which the Equipment is shipped, unless otherwise agreed.
  3. Seller’s quoted prices do not include sales, use, excise or similar taxes.
    1. The amount of any present or future sales, use, excise or other similar tax applicable to the sale or use of Equipment or Services related to a Purchase Order shall be paid by Purchaser, or in lieu thereof, Purchaser shall provide Seller with a tax-exemption certificate acceptable to the taxing authorities.
  4. For Purchase Orders in excess of $ 80,000 CDN, Purchaser shall pay seller by bank wire transfer, within 30 days of receipt of properly prepared invoice, as follows:


Schedule                    Purchase Order Amount Payable to Seller

With receipt of purchase order                                     30% of the total Order value

At 40% of the contractual delivery time                                      30% of the total Order value

At 60% of the contractual delivery time                                      30% of the total Order value

At notification of readiness to ship                                       10% of the total Order value


4.        Delivery

  1. Shipping dates are approximate and are based on Seller’s providing facility promptly receiving all necessary information from Purchaser. Delays in furnishing complete information may result in dates of shipment being extended for a reasonable time based on conditions at Seller’s plant. Failure by Purchaser to provide approvals of drawings (or similar requirements) within any contractually stated period shall automatically extend Seller’s delivery date by at least a like amount of time.
    1. Any delay by Purchaser in making the final payment will delay the shipping date by a like period of time. Such delays will be considered excused delays, and no penalties, nor liquidated damages for delayed deliveries, will be assessed as a result.



  1. Seller shall not be liable for delivery delays due to causes beyond its reasonable control or due to acts of God. These causes include acts of Purchaser, fires, labor disputes, boycotts, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, war, insurrection, riots, civil or military authority, freight, embargoes, transportation shortages or delays, unusually severe weather or inability to obtain necessary labor, materials, or manufacturing facilities due to such causes. In the event of any such delay, the Seller shall provide timely notice of the delay to Purchaser and the date of delivery shall be extended for a length of time equal to the period of the delay.


5.        Liquidated Damages for Delayed Delivery


  1. In the event of Seller’s unexcused, delayed delivery, Seller will pay Purchaser liquidated damages at a rate of 0.5% of the value of the as yet undelivered Equipment, per week, up to a maximum of 1% of the value of the Purchase Order. The agreed value of these liquidated damages shall be Purchaser’s sole remedy for late delivery.
  2. Sellers’s liability for, and Purchaser’s further claims for any other damages or costs relating to late delivery are hereby excluded.


6.        Title to Goods

  1. All goods shall remain Seller’s property until all invoices have been paid.


  1. In the event that Purchaser is found to be insolvent, or the event that Seller becomes insecure per the UCC, Seller shall be entitled to withhold further performance including delivery, without penalty, until Purchaser provides such reasonable security that in the opinion of Seller is necessary to ensure payment. In the event that Purchaser does not provide such security, Seller may cancel the contract of Purchase/Purchase Order without penalty and require the return of any Equipment or goods that have been delivered.
  2. Any attempt of the Purchaser to transfer or assign (including any transfer or assignment by operation of law or otherwise) any rights under the Purchase Order without the written consent of Seller shall be void.


7.        Cancellation Charge

  1. The Purchaser may, at its absolute discretion and without having any reason, terminate the contract of Purchase/Purchase Order in whole or in part by giving written notice to the Seller. In the event of such termination, the Purchaser shall pay the Seller a Cancellation Charge based on the schedule below:

Schedule Cancellation Charge Payable to Seller

After Order Entry                 10% of the total Order value

After 20% of the contractual production time                  25% of the contractual Order value

After 40% of the contractual production time                  50% of the contractual Order value

After 60% of the contractual production time                  70% of the contractual Order value

After 80% of the contractual production time                  85% of the contractual Order value

After 90% of the contractual production time                  95% of the contractual Order value

After 100% of the contractual production time                100% of the contractual Order value


  1. If Purchaser elects to temporarily suspend work under the contract of Purchase/Purchase Order, Purchaser shall notify Seller one week in advance of the suspension date. The required notice must be in writing and include the anticipated suspension period.

1)         If the suspension period is 120 days or less, Seller shall advise Purchaser of the required price and schedule adjustment. Such adjustments shall be based on Sellers reasonable efforts to reallocate manpower, material and equipment during the suspension periods.

2)         If the suspension period is 121 days or more, the suspension shall be treated as a Cancellation and Purchaser shall pay  Cancellation Charges.

  1. If the Seller finds that the financial condition of the Purchaser does not justify continuance of the Purchase Order, Seller may require full or partial payment in advance or shall receive reimbursement per the schedule for Cancellation Charges.
  2. In the event of bankruptcy or insolvency of Purchaser or in the event any such proceedings are voluntarily or involuntarily brought against the Purchaser, Seller shall be entitled to cancel the Purchase Order at any time during the period allowed for filing claims against the estate and shall be entitled to receive reimbursement per the schedule for Cancellation Charges.


8.        Warranty

  1. Seller warrants the Equipment will be free of defects in material, workmanship and title. The warranty period shall be twelve

(12) months from date of installation or eighteen (18) months from the date the Equipment ships from Seller’s factory where the final assembly and testing of the Equipment is performed or 3000 hours of operation, whichever comes first.

  1. This warranty for Equipment is conditioned upon the Equipment being received, unloaded, stored, handled, installed and tested in a proper manner.
  2. Accessories supplied by Seller but manufactured by others carry whatever warranty the manufacturers of such accessories conveyed to Seller and which can be passed on to Purchaser.
  3. Seller agrees to repair or replace FCA Seller’s plant, any Equipment manufactured by the Seller which does not conform to the warranty for Equipment and to re-perform Services which do not conform to the warranty for Services, provided that notice of claim of defect is received by Seller within one year from date of shipment of Equipment from Seller’s plant or



performance of Services. Equipment claimed to be defective must be returned, freight prepaid and in accordance with Seller’s instructions to the point of manufacture, unless Seller directs otherwise.

  1. Purchaser shall give Seller written notice of any defect, damage or nonconformity as soon as possible in order to permit Seller to make a timely investigation of the facts.
  2. In connection with the performance of any corrective work, all removal and reinstallation of the Equipment shall be performed by Purchaser, Purchaser shall, at its expense, be responsible for removing, reinstalling, replacing or supplying any equipment, materials or structures which are necessary to provide reasonable access to the Equipment to be repaired or replaced. Any decontamination or radiation protection necessary in connection with the removal or on-site repair of the Equipment shall be performed by Purchaser without cost to Seller.
  3. Title to and risk of loss of any Equipment being repaired shall remain with Purchaser at all times during the correction period wherever the repair takes place; provided, however, that Seller shall bear the risk of loss of any Equipment being repaired while such Equipment is away from Purchaser’s facility and under Seller’s care, customer and control. Transportation costs  with respect to any replacement Equipment shall be paid by Purchaser.
  4. At no time shall Seller be responsible for any of Purchaser’s related costs or damages, including, but not limited to, the costs of removal, disassembly or reassembly of the products provided by the Purchaser or of any other goods or equipment at Purchaser’s site and shall not be responsible for the costs of any lifting or moving of any goods at Purchasers site during the warranty period or at any other time.
  5. The duties, liabilities and obligations of Seller do not extend to any repairs, adjustments, alterations, replacements or maintenance which may be required as a result of normal wear and tear in the operation of the goods, or erosion or corrosion, or normal degradation in the performance of the goods or as a result of Purchaser’s failure to operate or maintain the goods in accordance with Seller’s recommendations or Seller’s manuals and instructions or the failure to operate the goods within the operating specifications (including, but not limited to, type and identity of fluid, temperature, and pressure) provided to Seller in the Purchaser Order, or by reason of any cause outside the scope of Seller.
    1. Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing, Seller’s warranty of performance is based on shop tests at the specified rating, when handling clear, fresh, non-aerated water at a temperature not exceeding 85°F.
    2. Seller’s obligations under this warranty shall expire one(1) year after the Services are performed except that Seller’s warranty obligations for repair work shall expire ninety(90) days from date of initial start-up or one(1) year after completion of repair work, whichever occurs first.

Where there has been inspection, removal, transport, dismantling and/or disassembly, re-installation and re-testing of the goods, the warranty periods shall be extended by any period(s) equal to the period(s) during which the goods have been out of operation of their putting into operation has been delayed as a result of a defect to which this warranty applies.

  1. When any Equipment is repaired or replaced or a service is re-performed, the Equipment repaired or its replacement or the re- performed Service shall be subject to the same warranties, the same conditions and the same remedies provided for the original Equipment or Service; provided that the warranty period for the repaired or replacement Equipment or re-performed Service shall be for the balance remaining of the warranty period for the original Equipment or Service extending from the date of repair or replacement of the repaired or replacement Equipment or re-performance of the Service; provided, however, that the warranty period shall expire in no event later than twenty-four (24) months after the delivery of the original Equipment or performance of the original Service.
    1. Seller reserves the right to withhold all warranty remedies for Equipment and Services until all payments have been made in accordance with the contract terms of payment.




9.        Limitation of Liability

  1. In no event, whether based on contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability, or any loss or damage arising out of, connected with, or resulting from the performance or breach of the Purchase Order, whether arising before or after completion of Seller’s obligation under the Purchase Order, shall Seller be liable to Purchaser for losses or damages caused by reason of loss of use, revenue or profits or cost of capital or special, incidental, consequential or penal damages or any nature and Purchaser shall indemnify Seller against such claims by any third party.
  2. In all cases where Purchaser’s claim, whether based upon contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise, involves nonconforming Equipment or Services or damage resulting there from, Purchaser’s exclusive remedies and Seller’s sole liabilities shall be those specifically provided by Seller’s warranty. Any claims by Purchaser must be limited to specifically identified, written claims submitted prior to the expiration of the applicable warranty period as set forth under Section 8 “Warranty”.
  3. Seller’s total liability to Purchaser for all claims of any kind, whether based on contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability, or any loss or damage arising out of, connected with, or resulting from the performance or breach of the Purchase Order shall in no event exceed one times (1x) the total price of the Equipment and/or Services associated with the claim.      The Seller’s total liability associated with the claim shall be further reduced by any (1) damages paid to Purchaser by  Seller,

(2) costs incurred and settlement made by Seller under “Section 8, Warranty” and (3) refund of the price for the Equipment or Services in the event of a rescission.



  1. The statute of limitation for purposes of bringing any actions under the contract of Purchase shall be one (1) year from the  date the cause of action accrued.
  2. The provisions of this Section “Limitations of Liability” shall also protect Seller’s Suppliers, shall apply to the full extent permitted by law regardless of fault and shall survive termination, cancellation or completion of the work under the contract of purchase.


10.      Intellectual Property

  1. All documentation belonging to Seller’s offer, including drawings, sketches, weights, dimensions and pricing, are preliminary and are not binding until marked as binding by Seller.
  2. Seller reserves full ownership and copyrights for all information, drawings and other documentation sent with any correspondence, offer or agreement.
  3. Drawings, plans, illustrations, manuals and specifications shall only be required to be furnished as specifically identified and required in writing in the Purchase Order. It is specifically understood and agreed that Seller’s obligation to provide any drawings or calculations pursuant to a Purchase Order will mean only outline and general configuration drawings as needed for system design and installation, unless the requirement for supply of a particular drawing is agreed and specified in a Purchase Order. Further, it is expressly agreed that no detailed engineering, manufacturing or assembly calculation or software or processes that are created or revised pursuant to Seller’s performance transmitted by Seller, they shall be immediately returned by Purchaser or subsequent titleholder without duplication or other inspection.
  4. Seller hereby grants Purchaser the royalty free right and License to import, use and sell Equipment purchased.


11.      Subcontractors & Affiliates

  1. Seller may assign or subcontract portions of the Equipment under the Purchase Order to any parent, subsidiary or wholly owned affiliate companies of the Seller, at any location, without the necessity of permission or consent.


12.      Severability

  1. If any provision, phrase or clause within the contract or Purchase is deemed to be void, invalid or inoperative for any reason, that provision, phrase or clause shall be deemed modified to the extent necessary to make it valid and operative. If such provision, phrase or clause cannot be so modified, it shall be deemed severed from the contract of Purchase and the remaining provisions, phrases and clauses shall remain in full force and effect as if the agreement had been signed with the void, invalid  or inoperative portions so modified or eliminated.


13.      Arbitration

  1. All disputes, controversies or differences which may arise between the Seller and Purchaser, out of or in relation to or in connection with the contract of Purchase or Purchase Order, shall be finally settled by binding arbitration
  2. The arbitration shall be conducted by a panel of three (3) arbitrators, with one (1) arbitrator being selected by the Purchaser, one (1) arbitrator being selected by the Seller and the third being selected by the other two arbitrators. Responsibility for payment of the costs of arbitration, excepting counsel fees, shall be included in the arbitration award.
  3. Neither Seller nor Purchaser shall take any action, nor steps which will hinder, delay or otherwise interfere with the commencement of, or proceedings in arbitration.


14.      Governing Law

  1. The rights and obligations of the parties under the contract of purchase shall be interpreted and governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Canada.


15.      Entire Agreement

  1. The contract of Purchase, consisting of these global purchase terms and conditions, Seller’s quotation and Purchaser’s Order, if accepted in writing by Seller constitutes the entire agreement between Purchaser and Seller. All other provisions and collateral agreements (including letters of intent or Purchase Orders or Terms and Conditions issued by Purchaser), representations, warranties and promises are superseded by the contract of Purchase.
    1. Any understanding, promise, representation, warranty or condition not incorporated into the contract of Purchase shall not be binding on either party.

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